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Face it, it's been a long day... a long week... a long month. You want to feed your family a well-balanced, nutritional meal every night, but some days you  just throw your hands in the air and order a pizza.


Let us cook you dinner instead! Chef Jamey specializes in preparing pre-packaged family meals, created to your dietary specifications, and conveniently labeled with easy to following heating instructions.

Whether you need our help every night, or just want a weekly treat, we can work with your family's schedule! Email us today to get started! 

To make your weekly dining experience as carefree and luxurious as possible, Zalatina Foods offers culinary consultations where we will request information on any food allergies, dietary restrictions, or aversions. We also need your meat temperature preference (rare, medium, well done, etc.). How many meals per week?

Our meals are portion controlled and priced per individual (as you would see in a restaurant). There will be five different meals each week. If you require six or seven daily meals, please expect repetition.

We require a minimum of one month meal schedule. You will be billed each week prior to service. Please give a minimum one week's notice for changes in meal plan or cancellation, otherwise we will automatically renew your monthly order.

Meals will be delivered once a week to your home.  All meals will be labeled, individually packed with heating/reheating instructions. Deliveries will take place during daylight hours, and we request you to be home at the time of delivery. If you are not home, please leave a cooler on your doorstep to insure freshness.

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