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Jamey Hughson, a Wisconsin native, discovered his love for the culinary arts at a young age, a passion that led to his years at the Seattle Culinary Academy. Praised his originality and attention to detail, Jamey has worked as a chef across the United States in Milwaukee, Chicago, Seattle, St. Pete, the Rocky Mountains, Massachusetts, Nashville, Mexico, and the US Virgin Islands. These experiences have introduced Jamey to numerous cultures and cuisines, all of which have shaped his unique style of cooking. Chef Jamey Hughson’s dessert sushi won Best Dessert for Salud Bistro in the 2013 Taste of St. Croix.

Chef Jamey Hughson doesn’t make sauce. Leave the sauce for your grandmother’s kitchen. Through clouds of steam, and the whirling of blades; expect reductions, emulsions, demi glaze, and all things specifically designed to stimulate your senses. Ask about his favorite dish, his favorite thing to create, and he’ll give you a sly smile and simply say, “Anything local.” 


When he’s out of the kitchen, you’ll find Chef Jamey strolling the farm market, or thoughtfully perusing the offerings from local farms. He peppers the farmers with questions about their products, their style of farming, or their favorite produce. He stocks his kitchen with bright, fresh flavors. Everything he creates goes from farm, to kitchen, to table.

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